The best sleeping positions for overall wellness: A guide to a better sleep 

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You are sure to be looking forward to a much-deserved rest after a long day, but when you try to close your eyes, a sudden pain wakes you up.  

This problem might be something about your current sleep position, and when not corrected, you will surely be waking up to restlessness and discomfort. 

Here, we will talk about some of the best sleeping positions and share some tips for a better nighttime experience. 

Sleeping on your back 

Being first on the list, this basic position keeps the spine supported and balanced. This position helps with back pain as it relieves pressure on your muscles, allowing them to relax and recover. 

While in this position, try to place your body as neutral as possible—a pillow under your knee as an example can help to maintain your natural curve. 

Sleeping on your side 

The side position is not just aesthetically good for photos but also better for your respiratory needs. 

It improves the circulation in your vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, so it is ideal for addressing snoring, heartburn, and sleep apnoea. 

Curl-up Position  

Known as the baby-like sleeping position, it brings comfort to a lot of people through an instant sense of relaxation. 

This is mostly suggested for pregnant women since they are prone to experiencing lower back pain. When doing the curl-up, make sure to take it a bit loose and not pull yourself in too much so you won’t stress your muscles and spine. 

Which sleeping position is best for you? 

Finding the right sleeping position for you while asleep not only improves your spinal alignment but also alleviates the tension in your body. While it may vary based on your personal preference, you can always try to see which one works best for you—just keep in mind that it is best to ask for guidance if you have any health issues.  

Chiropractic for better sleep 

Aside from practicing these sleeping positions, it is also a good idea to visit a chiropractor and get adjusted to experience maximum comfort until the end of your day.  

Don’t sleep on prioritising your overall health.  

Schedule an initial or follow-up chiropractic session at Northcote Health and Wellness today.  

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